so uh basically...

15 apr 2021
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I wanted to play one of my best bass solos, but this happened

trying something here and on tiktok for a future video... shhh don't tell anybody

  • *juan*

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    • My Name..l

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    • Juan

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    • Juan

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    • *Juan*

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    • I'am honored. Yours truly, Juan.

      J U A NJ U A N26 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh

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  • Juan

  • Bassically

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  • The power of **JUAN**

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  • Thats not THICC JUAN

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  • Hahahaha l'olio de cecco a 0:13

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  • Hahaha love the pun BASSically

    Bob SnakeBob Snake2 päeva tagasi
  • So uhh *bass*ically

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  • Davie: Uses a latino meme Latinos: JODER!!! LE SOBA MUCHO

    Joel Hiram Juárez HernándezJoel Hiram Juárez Hernández2 päeva tagasi
  • Don't you mean "bassically"?!

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  • So you are a REAL slapper! But I challenge you to slap SERVI DELLA GLEBA by EelST, and no cuts! Live...

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  • Le sabe al shitpost

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  • You meant "BASSically”?

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  • Uhhh so basically WHAT DID YOU FREAKING DO,!!!!!!?????? Your freind:hey davie what did you do today??? Davie:I don't think you wanna know. Friend: come on tell me Davie:I was going to grab my bass(I'm not a bassist I'm a guitarist) but I decided to do this then that du du du du du then that then flush my toilet(500 yearslater) then that and finally I grabbed my bass and did like a couple note(notice I forgot what he played) Friend:whoa

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  • anybody gonna talk about his vacuum.

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  • bom de mais

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  • So "bassically"

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  • BASSically

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  • Your house revealed?

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  • Aparezco en la portada :D

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  • Una carta de amor al shitpost Saludos a EEworld basuraposting

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  • J U A N

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  • RUAN.

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  • We all need a video where you give us only 12 minutes of therapy time. Just that, and we will slap your bald forever and ever ❤️

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  • Si le sabe el davie

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  • Juan.

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  • BASSicaly.

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  • BASSically

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  • You mean Bassically?

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  • A perfectly missed chance to say bass-ically

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  • Viewers latinos: jodwr, si le sabe

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  • No. The content must be "bassically"

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  • Can't wait to see this(again)after 5 years.

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  • S h i n y *b a l d*

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  • No more electrical socket, stove, com switch, vacuum, light switches and toilet reveal

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  • That gas stove moment 🤣🤣

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  • Juan😈👊👌

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  • You should say bassically not basically

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  • Whaaaaaaaaaaattt???

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  • man

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  • It should be bassically. You’re wrong. “Checkmate”

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  • This low key was a house tour o Davie

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  • I hope you did not go bold in preparation for chemo therapy time.

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  • juan.

    Martin LatrilleMartin Latrille11 päeva tagasi
  • What is this “Juan” at the end? I see a house in a apartment balcony.

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  • The music is wolves by kanye west if anyone wants to know

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  • wots

    RedivelRedivel11 päeva tagasi
  • 0:10 Italian guitar 😏

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  • You're lying to me. That's not your toilet

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith12 päeva tagasi
  • wow new samplepack from davie sounds cool

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  • Bruh davie’s head looks like a light bulb

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  • Juab

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  • E' Wolves di Kanye West nel finale?

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  • You mean BASSically

    PeePee PooPooPeePee PooPoo12 päeva tagasi
  • Davie flexing his home appliances in 29 seconds.

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  • 😂

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  • 0:04 when it's ur first time

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  • i like ya cut g

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  • Bassically

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  • Si le sabe...

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  • Life changing stuff here. Tears rolling down my face.

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  • Juan.

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  • baldie504

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  • Back to the future 1?

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  • Juan

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  • Joder esa si que no me la esperaba

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  • si pendejo

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  • well that was a weird trip

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  • Juan

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  • Bassically

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  • Juan :v

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  • so uh bassically...

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  • Juan

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  • J U A N Why juan?

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  • Bassically

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  • Si le sabe

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  • epic

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  • Extremadamente poético carajo!! Juan

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  • *BASS* ically

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  • 99.9%😂😂😂

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  • Juan

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  • Le sabes al shitpost

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  • Back to the future vibes

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  • davie when did you move to america?

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  • The pink guitar or bass?????

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  • juan

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  • Brr brr deng

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  • Wait are u rll bald?

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  • Hey i did the juan in s game

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  • 0:10 this is the hello kitty guitar right?

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  • Juan

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  • Thanks for this video Davie 504! When are you going to play What's the Buzz from Jesus Christ superstar by Alan Spenner.?

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  • 0:27 BGM?

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  • U cool but let your hair grow one punch man lol

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  • Juan.

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  • what do you want?

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  • Eeeeee porque te escapaste juan ven pa aca.

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  • BASSically

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  • not being rude but I think I prefer you with hair

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