Demon Slayer but it's on BASS

21 veebr 2021
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Demon Slayer theme song but it's played on BASS
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  • Breath of BASS - 69th Form: Holy SLAPP

    Davie504Davie5042 місяці tagasi
    • Breath of viewer-1st form :SLAP THAT LIKE BUTTON

      JetJet3 päeva tagasi
    • Beautiful music, I'm loved!

      Shinobi ShawShinobi ShawМісяць tagasi
    • Man i remembered Zelda Breath of The Wild with that text hahaha

      Bryan LokãoBryan LokãoМісяць tagasi
    • slap slap slaaaap

      Mark Uriel MargalloMark Uriel MargalloМісяць tagasi
    • NANI!?

      Josh WilloughbyJosh WilloughbyМісяць tagasi
  • Nice demon bass breath technique 👍👍👍

    Alexander ParanAlexander ParanTund tagasi
  • He has the bass breathing technique

    Oof KhanhOof KhanhTund tagasi
  • Play goku mui theme song

    Jehova RJehova R3 tundi tagasi
  • Bro it’s amazing-

    Shazia LyallShazia Lyall4 tundi tagasi
  • Bro this shit was good af

    Diego HernandezDiego Hernandez4 tundi tagasi
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

    Partha SomaPartha Soma5 tundi tagasi
  • Play Unravel from Tokyo ghoul

    Joshua ShresthaJoshua Shrestha5 tundi tagasi
  • Demon slayer? More like demon bass slayer

    The meme meThe meme me5 tundi tagasi
  • Would like to see a Gintama OP - I Wanna Be by Spyair bass style.

    ShenKongShenKong8 tundi tagasi
  • My hero academia season 5 opening pls?

    Small_gachaSmall_gacha10 tundi tagasi
  • Evangellion op.. only hear it at omegle and that was a short ver.. 🔥

    PandaPanda12 tundi tagasi
  • Bass cover of "Hunting for Your Dream" from Hunter X Hunter

    David TannerDavid Tanner12 tundi tagasi
  • what about 6 opening of naruto shipudden?!!? i realize that screaming pain....:D

    Guillermo Thor HammerGuillermo Thor Hammer17 tundi tagasi
  • Play tokyo ghoul unravel next

    tabish hussaintabish hussain17 tundi tagasi
  • Attack on titan 4th season

    shuvam basnetshuvam basnet19 tundi tagasi
  • Kanashii ureshii - Frederic (koi to uso) The bassline in this music is amazing!

    FláviaFlávia20 tundi tagasi
  • Beck - brainstorm please, from beck anime

    DefraxDefrax20 tundi tagasi
  • Taiyou wa Yoru mo Kagayaku -- Hunter X Hunter Ost (by Wino)

    Kritsada CharoenKritsada Charoen20 tundi tagasi
  • Magia from Madoka Magika might be fun

    quinn haleyquinn haley20 tundi tagasi
  • Damn... The cosplay was too OP

    Prakash SaikiaPrakash Saikia23 tundi tagasi
  • Play aot 1st op or pokemon 1st op

    ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორიაალექსანდრე ოთხოზორიაPäev tagasi
  • Naruto theme song next❤️❤️

    Raze OfficialsRaze OfficialsPäev tagasi
  • play kawaki wo ameku plz

    HorizonEyeHorizonEyePäev tagasi
  • I don't know that Tanjiro's Ancestor is already this good..playing bass..

    Willie RevillamieWillie RevillamiePäev tagasi
  • Play "Death Note" theme song, 🥴

    Sangra DigiSangra DigiPäev tagasi
  • sword art online season 1 opener

    Jonah SalamonJonah SalamonPäev tagasi

    Alex FireAlex FirePäev tagasi
  • This video deserve more like

    levin simlevin simPäev tagasi
  • Hey I’m proud of you

    Cl4ud3 J4ckCl4ud3 J4ckPäev tagasi
  • Kaikai kiten pls

    Elijah _-_Elijah _-_Päev tagasi
  • Blue bird -Naruto Opening Silhouette- Naruto Opening

    Diodie SanchezDiodie SanchezPäev tagasi
  • 10 nanis/10 nanis

    ThanosThanos2 päeva tagasi
  • He is obviously using total concentration breathing to play the bass like this

    Education অসমEducation অসম2 päeva tagasi
    • Nice one, sir, wish I could give it two thumbs up, but...

      B SchaumB Schaum23 tundi tagasi
  • Nyanpasu

    Education অসমEducation অসম2 päeva tagasi
  • Nyanpasu

    Education অসমEducation অসম2 päeva tagasi
  • Naniiii!!!!!

    bennylazarus kamalbennylazarus kamal2 päeva tagasi
  • Naruto pls

  • Kiss of death

    Mr MaskedMr Masked2 päeva tagasi
  • Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul. Please make this happen! Animenz has the ultimate piano cover; would be amazing to hear the ultimate bass cover from you! Such an emotional song.

    No Life KingNo Life King2 päeva tagasi
  • please play unravel of tokyo ghoul on bass❤️❤️

    sanjit enghisanjit enghi2 päeva tagasi
  • BAdaSS

    Iccchan GamingIccchan Gaming2 päeva tagasi
  • Erased - Re:Re Kekkai sensen - Hello, world! Hai to gensou no grimgar - knew day Noragami - kyouran hey kids! Fuuka - climber's high Gate - soreha akatsukiyouni Death parade - flyers Great teacher onizuka - driver's high Bakemonogatari - staple stable Trinity seven - seven doors Full metal alchemist - rewrite & ready steady go

    Dre BucoyDre Bucoy2 päeva tagasi
  • Hello Davie-san, Good vid, You have my sincerest thanks for making this. Kamado Tanjiro

    Tanjiro KamadoTanjiro Kamado2 päeva tagasi
  • Full metal Alchemist brotherhood ending 1 : USO

    Nathan NunesNathan Nunes3 päeva tagasi
  • Do Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul Hot please

    Otaku SenpaiOtaku Senpai3 päeva tagasi
  • Do Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul Hot please

    Otaku SenpaiOtaku Senpai3 päeva tagasi
  • NOO Rengoku :"(

    SoyMauLinkSoyMauLink3 päeva tagasi
  • Play Sasageyo from Attack on Titan

    Santiago Valdivieso AcebedoSantiago Valdivieso Acebedo3 päeva tagasi
  • OH EM GY

    SoyMauLinkSoyMauLink3 päeva tagasi
  • So you are a REAL slapper! But I challenge you to slap SERVI DELLA GLEBA by EelST, and no cuts! Live...

    RandazzoRLSRandazzoRLS3 päeva tagasi
  • Watch naruto shipududen and play it pliz

    Josepher odangJosepher odang3 päeva tagasi
  • Try shinjou sasageyo


    Nooewby The StampedeNooewby The Stampede3 päeva tagasi
  • He's playing the nichirin bass

    Trendy LongjamTrendy Longjam3 päeva tagasi
  • Almost any Attack on Titan intro would work

    BlueBlue3 päeva tagasi

    Andrew DwitanaAndrew Dwitana4 päeva tagasi
  • Horimiya op!

    AYoung LadAYoung Lad4 päeva tagasi
  • u really are awesome davieeeee

    dianna arciagadianna arciaga4 päeva tagasi
  • Yeahh i been waiting for this i hope you play "kaikai kitan" next❤🔥

    Ivance .C0mIvance .C0m4 päeva tagasi

    Dez GamingDez Gaming4 päeva tagasi
  • morra

    John AmaranteJohn Amarante4 päeva tagasi
  • What songs from one piece pls

    Ethan Xed ManaloEthan Xed Manalo4 päeva tagasi
  • shaggy tanjiro slapping bass B)

    James SeledioJames Seledio4 päeva tagasi
  • My Dearest - Supercell . opening from guilty crown

    Khairil ImanKhairil Iman4 päeva tagasi
  • Black catcher

    CSE Røhith M GCSE Røhith M G4 päeva tagasi
  • Black Clover Op 10, the song is called "Black Catcher"

    ThatOneBlackMagicNoobThatOneBlackMagicNoob4 päeva tagasi
  • Not bold, but love it.

    Gorgobert ProschallekGorgobert Proschallek4 päeva tagasi
  • Play Naruto theme song please 🙏

    John MedagamaJohn Medagama4 päeva tagasi
  • Next Eve - Kaikaikitan

    Lukman PCLukman PC4 päeva tagasi
  • Next one from naruto anime please 💙 From नेपाल lots of love🙏😍

    N_A_W_B_I_E_NN_A_W_B_I_E_N4 päeva tagasi
  • Davie before: no I'm not gonna change my hairstyle. Davie before: costplaying hentai, girl and bald. EPICO!!

    AdityaAditya4 päeva tagasi
  • Please play unravel.

    Sarita MarasiniSarita Marasini4 päeva tagasi
  • One punch man please 😁😁

    Abhaya RajbhandariAbhaya Rajbhandari4 päeva tagasi
  • You should play aot opening next

  • Nani nani nani nannii??

    이나나이나나5 päeva tagasi
  • Play Silhoutte

    Benjo ClerigoBenjo Clerigo5 päeva tagasi
  • Play unravel/jujutsu kaisen op on bass I challenge you noob

    legend KDlegend KD5 päeva tagasi
  • The bass slayer🎸

  • Yo Unlimited bass works! When?

    ZenshiZenshi5 päeva tagasi
  • Death note pls next

    Sujeet ShresthaSujeet Shrestha5 päeva tagasi
  • Suggestions : 1. Silhouette (Naruto) 2. Black Catcher (Black Clover) 3. Adamas (Sword Art Online) *These seem good for playing on bass

    Baked PotatoBaked Potato5 päeva tagasi
  • maybe "sailor moon" Theme Song next?

    Jacek ZagajewskiJacek Zagajewski5 päeva tagasi
  • Giornos Theme!!!!!!

    Alonso RodriguezAlonso Rodriguez5 päeva tagasi
  • @davie504 Blue bird song from Naruto

    S. Gerzome LordsonS. Gerzome Lordson5 päeva tagasi
  • Please play Naruto on bass

    Aryan PatelAryan Patel5 päeva tagasi
  • Play Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul

    GLXY HunterGLXY Hunter5 päeva tagasi
  • One Piece - "Welcome to Wano"

    Afonso CésarAfonso César5 päeva tagasi
  • Play Boku no Pico song

    Jej JsjdJej Jsjd5 päeva tagasi
  • Please play jujutsu kaisen op!

    LUCA withLUCA with5 päeva tagasi
  • Susumeeeee!!!!

    Malou ArciagaMalou Arciaga5 päeva tagasi
  • Play the Trigun theme - it's EPIC! And watch Trigun! It's a LEGENDARY Anime. Slapp the play button. Do it now!

    KuddelKuddel6 päeva tagasi
    • Yes my bro you have nice taste

      Nooewby The StampedeNooewby The Stampede3 päeva tagasi
  • Attack on titan - my war

    ridho arlegaridho arlega6 päeva tagasi
  • not tryna be toxic but BOY U LOOK LIKE TANJIRO ON DRUGS

    Bayarjavhklan TsogtgerelBayarjavhklan Tsogtgerel6 päeva tagasi
  • He's a demon slayer too but he uses nichirin bass

    Lloyd Audrey LeisLloyd Audrey Leis6 päeva tagasi
  • Zen zen zen

    Rijesh RaiRijesh Rai6 päeva tagasi
  • The misfit of the demon king

    deepak saini indiadeepak saini india6 päeva tagasi
  • Please searxh for devil is a part timer - the devil gets back his powers in the background there's this legit awesome bass music please please do it.

    N.P PrasadN.P Prasad6 päeva tagasi
  • Do Inferno from Fire Force

    Matthew RobbinsMatthew Robbins6 päeva tagasi
  • Davie did you watch kimetsu no yaiba (Demon slayer) mugen train movie ?

    Richard Alexander PurnomoRichard Alexander Purnomo6 päeva tagasi