Apology for what I did

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  • press b in the chat and slap like to pay respect

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  • Petition for SDAIAY intro to be "I can slap the bass very well, and I'll watch your entries in the next episode of SDAIAY" day 1

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  • “Bald davie, this is just too cursed” he said... 7:44

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  • 🅱️

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  • No but this "news clip" was actually really really good and funny lmaoo I wonder how they did this?

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  • 1:06 "Guys don't worry, that's not true. I'm still alive. I'm only dead inside" why did i laugh so hard lmaooo probably because rel

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  • Epico

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  • のんのんびよりを出してくれてありがとう!!

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  • I actually got a bass for Christmas.

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  • 7:43 "bald davie" Nice prediction

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  • The Bald Davie curse has been in the works for a while I see.7:42

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  • Davie , I love you man ! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Greetings from the US...

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  • Alligators!

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  • 7:43 - Bald Davie Davie - cursed.... 25 March, 2021 - DAVIE GOES BALD

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  • 08:19 Davie:"i here to listen to you" Me:"i accidentally killed my dog" Davie:"i know it has been hard,but we have made it"

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  • Here after real bald davie

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  • Davie at 7:46 : Bald Davie is too cursed Davie at now:

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  • 3:33 IT HAD TO BE 69 XD

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  • That TV report was so igniting xD

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  • bass

  • Please play Hotel California by Eagles

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  • What name the last relaxation song ?

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  • Guitar on background

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  • slap + sax= slax

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  • 1:53 Confermo ahahahah

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  • ps, ...great therapy session..

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  • ...no...call 867-5309 and talk to Jenny, she knows where Davie504 is...at the Police Station....he tried to play bass with the pick again...pff...Cringe. I got a Get Out of Jail Free card for Christmas, do you want to use it? Epical...

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  • 7:05 many people enjoy a slap during the sax.

    Aleph N3uTR0Aleph N3uTR02 місяці tagasi
  • I've been depressed for the last 2 months and a reccomended video of Davie appearead on my feed and now his bass and slap have saved my life to the point that I didnt want to do nothing anymore and now I started to practice bass again, thank you Davie keep slapping you are my inspiration

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  • I got violin chan for Christmas Who's knocking on my door? (no srsly I really got a violin for Christmas :3)

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  • I got depression for Christmas

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  • Great Thanos face.

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  • SLAP

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  • This is how a true Italian counts: Only #7 exists!! Tiramisu = Life.

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  • Is he going to make any more sdaiay?

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  • His name is Davie504, but does he call himself Davie404? Thats what it sounds like lol

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    • Davie404 not found

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  • Davie: don’t worry I’m still alive,im only dead inside Me: ikr me too bro me too ✋

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  • me: i got a bass for christmas davie: i am very sad to hear this

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  • i got a b a s s

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  • i unscribed bcause i like your guitar playing more than your bass playing

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  • I told my friend to slap like or I will come and find him, intimidate him, built a house around him, without any doors, or memes

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  • "youtube subtitles" *chefs kiss*

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  • 2:05

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  • 6:07 XAE-a12 and the boys in the talent show be like

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  • Sembravi più simpatico nei tuoi primi video. Adesso fai il fiero e non so per chi ti prendi... e il modo di parlare... ridicolo ! Meglio non seguirti più ...

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  • Play GOAT by Polyphia on Bass😐

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  • Play GOAT by Polyphia on Bass😐

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  • . . . A cousing give me a 7 strings guitar on xmas.. so i can slap it like a bass ¡¡¡. . I change u for a real bass ... say hi to México ¡¡¡

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  • Me watching Davie504 Everyday: Me seeing 8.99M subs Everyday:

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    • You right

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  • Davie: 8:40 January 6th happens Everybody: "Alright that's it I'm suing."

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  • 1:56 Brooklyn 99 meme? So it isn't as unpopular of a show as I thought... (I'm getting close to finishing the last season and this is sad)

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  • LMFAO that 1:33 part killed me 😂😂

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    does it really MATTerdoes it really MATTer3 місяці tagasi
  • i slap like and b

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  • hey why do you have a guitar at the back????

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  • Did anyone notice the guitar in the background?

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